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A group class, whether you are a kid or adult learner, you will be taught how to play along with several other players. This can be interesting in many ways. When playing around other people, it is easier to notice what mistakes they are making than to acknowledge your own mistakes. Seeing what others are doing wrong, and how it is corrected by the instructor can help you make progress quicker.

Group lessons are also usually more fun, dynamic and allows you to make friends who can become playing partners for that extra weekend session! When you are just starting and especially if you are out of shape, group lessons are also a good choice, as they will be less physically challenging. Remember, make sure to choose the right group for your level when you sign up. You don’t want to be joining an advanced tennis group when you are looking for beginner tennis lessons!

Finally, group lessons are the most cost-effective for players on a budget. With more players on court, you get to interact with others, learn from their mistakes, and have fun! What better way than that correct?


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