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Benifits Of A Tennis Program At Your School

  • Every Class includes physical fitness, tennis concepts and fundamentals.
  • Each student separated by age group (4-7) (8-12) (13-17).
  • All Coaches have Verified Background Checks .
  • Positive learning Environment Success Builds Success

Interested in a program at your school? Every class includes physical fitness, tennis concepts and fundamentals as well as a structured program to ensure progressive development

MilesAhead Tennis School Program from miles on Vimeo.

FeedBack on Milesahead Tennis Programs


The best part of my day is when I get to play tennis. Coaches are patient and the games are so much fun!


Mary 6th Grader , Student

Miles Ahead Tennis brought the game of tennis to our students to our school.  Coaches from Milesahead passion for the game combined with there patient and calm demeanor gave our students an opportunity to learn and thrive.  Also, Miles and his staff are very friendly and easy to work with. I highly recommend Miles Ahead Tennis to anyone who is looking to learn and love the game of tennis.


Christen , Teacher

Its really convenient for my kids to play tennis right at there school. This is a great introduction to the sport, and the best part is my kids Love the program !


Susan Jacobs , PARENT