About Us

Hello and Welcome !

We're Miles Ahead Tennis and' as you might have guessed from our name' we're the experts at connecting tennis players like you with the best private coaches in your area. We're all about customer service and finding you the best coach for whatever level you're playing at' from beginner to semi-pro and everyone in-between. The way we see it is this; why leave finding a great coach to chance? Sure' you might get lucky' but you might also waste your time' energy and money on the wrong coach' or a good coach with the wrong style' or a coach that changes more than you want to pay for your particular tennis goals. Our motto is "Book and play the Easy Way" and that's what we strive to do for every client; find you a great coach so that you can book them quickly' pay a price you can afford and get out on the court as soon as possible. To do that' we interview every coach extensively and' when we're done' we choose the coaches we feel have the most passion for helping you reach your goals' become a better player and reach the next level. We also provide continuing education so that' as you improve' our coaches are improving too!So again' welcome. If there's anything we can do to help you find a fantastic coach please let us know. See you on the Court. Sincerely' The entire BookTennisLessons team!